Released on Traum Schallplatten (GER), Seven Villas Music (ESP) & Wide Angle Recordings (CAN)


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Seven Villas Music (ESP) | 12.07.2017

1. Morning Harvest At Sarang Station

2. Hypnotica

- Moody, atmospheric, deep house

strum feat. cid inc remix

Wide Angle Recordings (CAN) | 12.09.2016

Australian producer Draso marks his return to Wide Angle Recordings with a powerful new single titled Strum. For the label's 53rd release, Draso delivers an original cut that is defined by its melody and lush, hypnotizing atmosphere. For a track that captures the essence of both progressive house and melodic techno, Wide Angle Recordings turned to Cid Inc for the single's remix - a producer whose mastery of the genres has landed him on Bedrock, Sudbeat, Microcastle, and Lost and Found.

The original mix of Strum strikes a perfect balance between its light percussion, airy synths, and heavy low end. The track seemingly floats along while the bass line twists and turns into unexpected but exciting territory. The consistency of the synths and airy guitar helps build momentum as Strum progresses towards its peak, and makes for a truly mesmerizing dance floor journey.

When it comes to lush progressive house, no one does it better than Cid Inc. His remix of Strum marks his debut on Wide Angle Recordings and transforms the original into a spell-binding, other-worldly trip. The smooth low end and bending synths create a gorgeous and mysterious vibe that will be highly effective on the dance floor.


Seven Villas Music (ESP) | 25.04.2016

Released as part of Pablo Bolivar's 'Smells Like Spring' compilation on his record label Seven Villas Music. 

- Moody, atmospheric, deep house


Traum Schallplatten (GER) | 25.04.2016

Released on Tour De Traum Volume XII compilation, mixed by Riley Reinhold. 

- Spacious Dub Techno



Traum Schallplatten (GER) | 25.04.2015


Released on Tour De Traum Volume X compilation, mixed by Riley Reinhold. I took a lot of field recordings during my travels to Indonesia. In the track you can hear samples from a Kecak dance (traditional Balinese dance), for those who've seen the film Baraka may be familiar with it. Also sampled a bunch of Indonesian instruments such as the jegog (a bamboo-esque xylophone) and many other soundscapes in the area.

"Draso has created with his track "Fomalhaut“ a genuine and enchanting composition, highlighting elements different in nature that manifest in loosely connected fragments of sounds (all very much rhythmically arranged) and by magic create an entity."
- Traum Schallplatten


Wide Angle Recordings (CAN) | 25.04.2016


A three track EP recorded for the Canadian label Wide Angle Recordings. 

1. Form

2. Carve

3. Sculptured


Traum Schallplatten (GER) | 25.04.2014


My first release with Traum Schallplatten on their Tour De Traum Volume VIII compilation, mixed by Riley Reinhold.

"Draso uses a classic ambient structure and weaves in small but spacious dubbed out sounds that give the track an incredible lightness. All here is mellow and round shaped, nothing is edgy" 
- Traum Schallplatten




live at rainbow serpent festival 2017

A recording of my sunrise set from the Sunset Stage at Rainbow Serpent Festival, 2017, Lexton, Victoria.



I recorded this one hour podcast mix for Traum Radio, aired on Sceen.FM. Some of my favourite down-tempo, dream inducing and therapeutic house. 

live at Strawberry fields 2013

A recording of my set from Strawberry Fields Festival, 2013, Tocumwal, NSW.

Ubiquitous sound episode 015

Recorded this for New Grooves Podcast series Ubiquitous Sound.